The feeling of emptiness,
Of a heart hollowed out,
Of missing something,
Of a puzzle piece lost

Before knowing if its existence,
It’s hard to feel its loss,
Impossible to know what you have,
Before it’s in the dust

Ignored, forgotten,
By all but me,
A symphony of hopelessness,
A tapestry of despair

And whilst I watered and tended to it,
The garden never grew,
It lay there barren,
For all to see,
No flowers poking through

It’s my dream to see the borders,
Burst with coloured life,
And smell the scent of spring,
Of hope and delight

My garden cannot be watered,
By me and me alone,
It takes another’s tending hand,
To bloom and surely grow

But without another’s watchful eye,
Their attentive care so deep,
A muddy patch it shall remain,
Watered as I weep

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