For years I’ve tried conversing,
To tell you how I feel,
With just blank eyes staring back,
When I just need to heal

I understand your hesitation,
Your resistance too I see,
For why else would you neglect to tend,
To the needs of you and me?

And yet I toiled a lonely field,
Alone and in the dark,
Until my hands cracked in the soil,
My blood steeped into bark

My heavy heart was draining,
On that plain so bare,
And all I really wanted,
Was my feelings true to share

A husk I was then rendered,
A shell of my last life,
And when you discovered I was gone,
Manifested in pain and strife

You commanded me to live again,
To be the one I was,
But dusty and dry teeth,
Sit in my lifeless mouth

The one you want has passed away,
The man you loved is dead,
His soul is now one with the earth,
For now and the time ahead

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