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Swinging on chains of joy,
Wind rushing through your hair,
Your smile is worth a thousand smiles,
And love of loves to share

Your perfect skin stays glowing,
In the winter’s biting cold,
The world is yours forever,
When I’m gone and when your old

You’ll be my shining beacon,
Of innocence and beauty,
And I’ll hold you tight ‘til the end of time,
With you I’m always daddy


A weight of a hundred elephants,
Sits upon my back,
And when I want to raise myself,
Against the ground I’m flat


The only constant,
On which we can rely,
Is change and flex,
Until we die

Life is but,
A spinning wheel,
Of how we act,
And how we feel

Never static,
Forever flowing,
Always hoping,
Never knowing

A Lonely Field

A Lonely Field

For years I’ve tried conversing,
To tell you how I feel,
With just blank eyes staring back,
When I just need to heal

I understand your hesitation,
Your resistance too I see,
For why else would you neglect to tend,
To the needs of you and me?

And yet I toiled a lonely field,
Alone and in the dark,
Until my hands cracked in the soil,
My blood steeped into bark

My heavy heart was draining,
On that plain so bare,
And all I really wanted,
Was my feelings true to share

A husk I was then rendered,
A shell of my last life,
And when you discovered I was gone,
Manifested in pain and strife

You commanded me to live again,
To be the one I was,
But dusty and dry teeth,
Sit in my lifeless mouth

The one you want has passed away,
The man you loved is dead,
His soul is now one with the earth,
For now and the time ahead

Paper Thin

Paper Thin

Under a paper thin cover,
Bright lights shine,
Burning through,
The backs of our eyes

A hidden brightness,
A secret love,
Stars below,
Inky black above

Until a time,
The page ignites,
We’re held together,
In private light

No one knowing,
Just us alone,
Until our flames,
To white-hot glow

‘Til shine too bright,
Our love does burn,
To hide from anyone,
Displayed in turn

No Choice

No Choice

Life is full of choices,
To do or not to do,
To be or not to be,
To see or not to see

Here I have before me,
Something which breaks the rules,
Something which turns things upside down,
And makes my heart spin round

For here is not an option,
Here is not a choice,
Here is just the meaning of,
My love and of my life

For this is not a choice,
No decision to be made,
Just you and me together,
Feelings which never fade

Instead grow stronger,
Across all time,
Closer together,
Our paths aligned

There is no other,
Path to tread,
No other winding route

For this our journey,
Adventure too,
Just me and you

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One Year Of Poetry

Though I’m a man without a face,
Without a name,
Without a history,
I have a story.

I live a normal life,
I work,
I play,
I smile,
I cry,
I write…

From the 1st January to 31st December I will be committing the most honest expression of my innermost feelings on this site…

Some days may be good days,
Others may be bad,
Some may be happy,
Some sad,
Through poetry – as one man’s gift,
To make his feelings known,
Behind the curtains of this digital abode

So come with me,
Take my hand,
Let’s see where it will go,
For you and I shall not know,
How high the highs and low the lows,
Until we ride this lyrical ship to the end of the year…

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